Pirates In Key West Florida

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Pirates In Key West Florida

Pirates hang lengthy been associated with the tropical paradise of Key West Florida. Even though the most most important recorded incidents of piracy in the regiondate abet to the early 16th century, tales of swashbuckling buccaneers hang been a fragment of folklore for hundreds of years.

Essentially the most eminent Key West pirate is definite Blackbeard, initially identified as Edward Enlighten. He’s said to hang frequented the island from 1716 to 1718, and was as soon as infamous for marauding up and down the Atlantic wing, pillaging merchant ships for his or her goods.

Pirates Who Have Left Their Label On Key West

  • Blackbeard (Edward Enlighten) – Essentially the most eminent pirate to haunt the Keys, Blackbeard was as soon as an English privateer grew to change into pirate who was as soon as said to hang buried booty on the island.
  • John “Calico Jack” Rackham – Jack Rackham was as soon as one more correctly identified pirate who made his name in Key West. His pirating career spanned from 1717 to 1718 when he and his crew captured several ships.
  • Anne Bonny – Bonny is remembered for being with out a doubt one of the necessary few girls folks pirates. She was as soon as a crewmember on Jack Rackham’s ship and is expounded to hang joined him Captain Charles Vane’s crew in 1720.
  • Charles Vane – Vane came to Key West in 1720, with Bonny and Rackham, and is remembered for his ruthless suggestions, on the general ruthlessly plundering ships with tiny mercy.

These wicked buccaneers hang left a lengthy-lasting affect on Key West, and their legacies reside on in the many pirate-themed attractions that enhance the island. From sunset cruises, to pirate ship battles and pirate-themed pubs, Key West offers a assorted and memorable see into the lives of some of basically the most infamous pirates.