Boot Key

Aerial of Boot Key in Marathon. Photo taken by the Federal Government on October 7, 1987. From the Wright Langley Collection.

Boot Key is an island in the Middle Keys of Florida, located just south of U.S. Highway 1, adjacent to Vaca Key. Boot Key is within the city limits of Marathon, Florida, United States. The island is mostly undeveloped despite having a bridge spanning Boot Key Harbor to Key Vaca, which is now closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Immediately adjacent to Boot Key is a 38-acre portion of land on which there is a large antenna tower rumoured to belong to the U.S. Government broadcasts of Radio Marti into Cuba. These broadcasts consist of news and cultural information intended for Cubans. This is a point of debate as it is also said that Radio Marti is at Mile Marker 15. More information on this is needed.

On Boot Key, the West group is known as Boot Key and the east group as Boot Key Mangrove. East of Sister Creek is thought of to be East Boot Keys, while West Boot Keys are west of Sister Creek. Although the west group was joined to Vaca Key by a bridge in 1959, both are considered Boot Key by most officials.

As to the bridge, it is in the up position for safety reasons. It remains up/open for boats. Today Boot Key is only accessible by boat as the bridge is permanently in the up position.